Mr. Advani: Watch your MouthOld man has done it again, and this time too without being aware of what he is doing. From jai Shri Ram to Jai Shri Musharraf (Pervez Musharraf), Advani has proved to be a butt of political jokes and the most recent in the series is his senseless rattling to make voting compulsory for every Indian. This statement has proved once again that this old man either has no substance between his ears or he does not know how to use it.

You should not worry sir; this is not your fault. How can you put the thing (read mind) in use if you are not trained to do so? This is not your fault, this is the fault of the alliances that you have. Blame it on RSS, the people there should have told you the alternative use of mind. Contrary to your belief sir, this tool is not meant only to please RSS.

By the way, how do you propose to execute this grand plan of yours? You must not have known the complexity of the statement you are making, or else probably you would have refrained from voicing it. Again this is not your fault, not all minds are created equal. Sir, yours is not capable of holding complex thoughts, why don’t you just stick to Hinduism?

I am sure you must be led to believe that all those who do not come out from home to vote are BJP voters. Instead of thinking like Hindu democratic dictator have you thought why people don’t come to vote? Well, unlike what your feeble mind makes you believe, not everyone is lazy and indifferent. There are people who want to vote but do not do so because you and your oppositions have failed to produce even one right candidate. This group is not in favour of electing criminals, RSS goons, Raj Thakreys of the world, and your beloved Narenda Modi. By the way what is your policy sir? C’mon I am not asking about Hindutva! I hope you understand the term “policy,” don’t you?

If you still want to bring this dramatic change, I have couple of suggestion for you, and I dare you to follow them.

  • The first in the list is to bring a constitutional change that will forbid any criminal from filing candidacy.
  • The second in the list is to form an agency or body that will audit every politician’s performance and will provide them rating based on the works they accomplished vis-à-vis promises they made during election. This audit should also include the difference between the politicians’ pre-election wealth and the wealth accumulated at the end of the tenure.
  • The third in the list is to include a popularity vote as a criterion. If any candidate fails to swing less then say 60 or may be 50 percent of the voters, he or she should not be given the office.
  • The last change I would dare you to make is to include a “none of these” option in every EVM (electronic voting machine).

I know you cannot hold complicated thoughts, so let me simplify the last one that must be too much encrypted for your juvenile mind. If you include “none of these” as an option, trust me more than 90 percent of votes will go in favour of “none of these”, and many non voters will come out to voice their concern. I will be wasting my words by asking you if you have any intention to bring about these real and concrete changes, so I will not ask you.

One word of wisdom for you: For this I will like to take one leaf out of economics. Make people aware of the cost of not casting his or her vote (opportunity cost) and give them the reason to vote (incentive). Teach them that if they do not come out to vote, wrong people might get elected, but in order to do that, the first thing you need to do is to give tickets to right people. Can you do that?

The suggestions I have made here will give us the incentive as well as make us aware of the opportunity cost of not casting our votes, and believe me we will vote. We just need a right candidate with a provable track record.

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9 Responses to “Mr. Advani: Watch your Mouth”

  1. It was indeed a pleasure to read your article on Mr. Advani. But believe me a power hungry person like Advani will never pay attention to the grass-root problems….He’s more interested in playing with religious sentiments of the people to further his interests.

  2. Bikram says:

    Indeed Vivek. I agree with your point of view. So, the problem is god himself, isn’t it high time to denounce this fellow now?

  3. Well Bikram,
    These are very candid remarks on Advani.

    I would agree with you that the voting should not be made cumpulsory. If Advani has said it, it is utterly premature. It is also very naive as it cannot be implemented given the present voting system being used in India.

    However, I would like this to be implemented with some conditions.

    1. The first of these is that the option of the “None of these” should be there.

    2. Another would be to make voting possible for those who do not reside at the time of voting in their constituency. This would mean developing a mechanism for the voters so that they also vote despite being at any place, in India or overseas.

    3. Ample freedom should be given to the non-voters to show their inability to vote.
    The voting process may be prolonged and made easier, making it less taxing for the common people. This may include making the voting period for a constituency increase from one day to a week or so.
    I know, there are several new things in it. But given the rise in technology, there are several other means to to identify people and take their votes into consideration.

    There can be similar other ways to ensure that everyone votes without making an individual at a loss. Everybody has his/her rights to withold his/her opinion. And nobody can force them.
    But at the same time, it is not just one’s right to vote, but at the same time one should also feel that it is their duty to vote! If democracy is to function in its true sense, it should strive to get the opinion of everybody!

  4. Narayan, my first remark would be: under no condition whatsoever the voting should be made compulsory.

    I agree with your point where you say, there should be some arrangement to make the voting possible for people leaving outside their constituency, this indeed should be done.

    And I am not in consonance with your though of making voting a week-long affair. This will fetch nothing but an unmanageable expense.

    Well, indeed voting is duty, but will you endorse choosing an incapable person just because it is my duty to choose someone?

    no Voting and wrong candidate produce a chicken and egg problem. some says, start voting and things will change and other says change the candidate and we will vote.

    “None of these” comes to rescue for people who do not vote because of the quality of their candidates, and for rest of us, a proper education on the subject of voting is important.

    Forcing anyone to vote by some law is a self-defeating logic for democracy.

  5. yes, that is right!
    But you will have some people always staying behind on election day, thinking as it is just another holiday.
    Of course one cannot force somebody to do something against their will, but what I mean is that it should made with “ample freedom”, and it is considered as a ‘duty’, like other duties such as filing your IT even when you do not pay taxes, or getting a new birth registered etc.

    There should be some sort of sops for people who vote. Because after all it is their proactivism that is to bring the country the govenment in which these sit-hom-on-election-day chicks are just beneficiaries and are indifferent to most of the issues facing the society.

    And yes there should not be any forcing! It is still one’s choice to go to the polling booth or not. If he goes there he will get those sops!

    And sure, the “None of these” option would always be there! This option too comes with several other complexities. One needs to find out them and ensure that the election process does not get more taxing either on the people or on the public exchequer. I am sure there are ways to make people more accountable for what they get!
    And sure it is not always a maverick thinking!

  6. Bhavana Agarwal says:

    A very interesting discussion indeed! We usually talk on this particular topic, during elections. Most of the educated, thinking citizens want a change today. Many people whom I know have not voted in these general elections, including me. I am neither guilty nor ashamed of it. Surely, if there would have been an option “none of these” in the EVM then the number of educated, thinking voters would have genuinely increased. A lot many thinking young brains are required in the Indian politics today. Mr. Advani is old now and it is his ambition which is still quite young, but there is such a huge gap between his age, ideology and aspirations that his brain is playing a tongue slip! He is only a pawn at the hands of his political party with which he is associated. His party has a very non-secular approach towards managing the nation and addressing its problems! The hyper-active media, vigilant common man and educated thinking class still needs to pin point issues and take necessary steps to awaken the nation. The politicians are nevertheless doing everything which pleases them even in the wake of a grilling media. After all its democracy!

  7. I am at a loss to understand why a gentleman of your calibre indulge in tarnishing a statesman like Shri L.K. Advani, who for all practical purposes is an Indian to the core than those hypocrites masquerading as Indians who might sell India to the highest bidder right in front of your eye. 

    Leave Shri Advani alone for a peaceful retirement from politics, and may God bless you Bikram Singh Jee.

  8. Dear Prathap,

    I appreciate the time you invested in first reading the post then commenting on it. Before writing anything further, I must tell you that I went to your blog and had a look so that I can get some idea about the person to whom I am going to write.

    What do you exactly mean by tarnishing? If calling a spade a spade means tarnishing then I am sorry to say, I cannot help it.

    And about selling the country to the highest bidder. Do you still believe your country has not been sold, and mind you it’s not the politicians alone who did this. Go to the nearest shopping mall and see everyone celebrating 4th of July!, or at least trying to do so.

    Anyway, I am not a big fan of Mr. Advani or his party, and the reason being the lack of ideology in the party. I do not believe in the merits of religions and doubly don’t believe in the political or social system being centered on any religious ideology.

    Prathap, please make me understand what your idea of being an Indian is? And how can you be sure about Mr. Advani’s indianism? And in the article you read above, I have not only condemned Mr. Advani as a person, but I have condemned his policy more in it. Mr. Advani might be warm as a person, but as a person who can think, he does not deserve any consideration.

    And please do not talk about his retirement, talk about his failure. He isn’t retiring. He has failed!

  9. What is my idea of being an Indian? And how can I be sure about Mr. Advani’s indianism?

    Well, these are multi-Million Dollar questions only an erudite person of your standing and repute can elicit a response to.

    I would reckon, being an Indian is akin to being a Slumdog.

    This is your world, and hence, please excuse me for my tomfoolery in agitating your excellent disposition as a human being.

    May God bestow unto you all the blessings that he possibly can.

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