These days everyone is starting a web site, or at least a blog. This is indeed a great thing as they add up to the growing content of the Internet. I like this democratization of available knowledge, but there is something that concerns me. And the issue that bothers me has to do with the web space and the stability of a web site.

Gone are the days when web hosting used to be expensive, these days it comes very cheap and everyone who can is starting a web hosting company to cater to the growing demand of the web space. There are companies that do tall claims of offering, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 seamless customer support and what not.

As said, these are tall claims, and even if the claims are right, how does it matter? What will you do with unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth if the web site is down 2-3hours (and even more) daily? How good is the unlimited disk space, or unlimited bandwidth if your website is down when your visitor wants to access it? And forget customer support, these fellow don’t have any, it takes ages to get one reply and add to this their hidden charges, some of them even charge for telephonic customer support.

While hunting for web space for one of my upcoming web sites, I went to Stablehost Initially everything looked just the same to my untrained eyes, just like any other web hosting company, so I thought, okay this is just another company and it even don’t provide unlimited web space and other frills. But, I am not the one who jumps on conclusion that early, so I went ahead and started enquiring about the web hosting company offerings, comparing it with offers on the Internet and also did an internal evaluation of my needs. And to my surprise I found that I was wrong all along.

I was wrong about my needs, my needs were not unlimited space, and no one needs unlimited web space. The real need of a website is stability, flawless presence backed by instant customer support, and all of these were available on stablehost. The hosting company also provided free domain for lifetime, which is a cool thing to have as domain is our virtual identity. Along with unlimited domain, the option of having unlimited MySQL databases gives the webmaster an immense opportunity to upscale his web site. This is important to run a web site the way I want.

So, I went on and got a new web site registered (not this one), the process was very, very fast and to my amazement the website was up and registered within 5 minutes. This is what I call lightening speed. The web site was registered and I was excited. I read their welcome e-mail that was informative and it helped me a lot.

I thought of not wasting any more moment and logged in to my account. Everything looked good except some minor problem with the control panel. I thought to raise an issue about this. I didn’t pay to get problem with the control panel; I wanted to have a world-class control panel, so I lifted my figure from my mouse and started stroking keys to raise a ticket for this. I am a slow typist, so it took me 10-12minutes to type it and then I clicked send.

20 minutes, 20 minutes flat this is how much it took for them to get back to me. They just took 20 minutes to answer my question, isn’t it just great? I was excited by now and completely sold to them. After seeing all this, I felt confident about my choice. Stablehost proved to be good enough for me. It has all the required features like free wordpress, latest version of joomla, etc., and comes with a money back guarantee as well.

Even managing a web site is easy with stablehost. Control panel is very intuitive and easy to navigate (my issue with control panel was slightly different and it got sorted out as written above). There is a tutorial available, which is quite helpful but I don’t think anyone will need it as managing is very simple here.

As of now, I am very excited with the hosting and certainly do recommend it to my friends and family Stablehost provides a complete solution to web hosting needs and you should check it./p

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